Common FAQs

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Common FAQs


Yes, we provide full managed service — on all our service...

Yes. you have a full access to your server.
Unfortunately, we do not offer money back. If the customer is not satisfied with the service, we can refund money to your credit balance, and you can purchase some other service. We strive to keep our customers happy.
Yes, we provide the VPS control panel, you have reinstall,start,stop option.
Yes, we provide the IPMI access on request and the access is limited, you have 12h access to IPMI.

Yes, we allow the movie website on our servers, if we recive some abuse we will notify you, and we will give you 12h for remove abused link

Yes, we have DDoS protect on all our services. And DDos Protection is completely free.
Yes, you can use our services for game servers, we do not have problem with that.
You can to have 2 additional IP, on request we can provide more.
Yes!, your information and data is protected 100%, we pay a lot of attention to this, because this is one of the main things

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